The Weather Dragon Returns

Over lunch our classroom was visited again by the weather dragon. We think it returned to the school towards the end of lunch when it started raining heavily. This time the dragon was kind enough to leave a note. She told us that she has been busy exploring the school and Asfordby Hill over the last few weeks. She returned as her brother was ready to hatch from the egg we still had in the classroom. After looking at our incredible homework and class writing, the dragons have decided to travel the world. They are off to explore the Amazon Rainforest and the Rocky Mountains. As a thank you they left us a brand new book which we have enjoyed reading this afternoon. You may see this come home at some point to be shared as a bedtime read.

Thank you families for you amazing support this term. I’ve been so impressed by the creative homework. It’s had a great impact on the children’s engagement and understanding of this terms topic. I wonder what might happen in our class next half term. Have a lovely week with family and friends.

See you soon,

Mr Amps, Mrs Davison, Mrs Jeffrey, Mrs Griffin and Miss Liley

Dragon Explorer Logbook

Over the last few weeks we have been developing our art skills. We have learnt how to look at an object, how to draw what’s in front of us and how to create light and dark lines. This week we are using our new skills creativity. We are sketching our homemade dragon eggs and choosing which angles to draw and which drawings to develop. We can’t wait to carry this on next lesson as we will be experimenting with colour and paper choice. Look at our “concentration” faces.

Scrumptious chappatti making…

On Friday morning Holly class were busy learning how to make chappattis, which they thoroughly enjoyed making. They all watched and learnt how to make the dough and then rolled out their own chappatis whilst Miss Patel and Mrs Davidson cooked them. They all loved eating them and thought that they were yummy, scrumptious, tasty and delicious, especially with butter on top.

Mindfulness morning in the Sensory Garden

What a tranquil morning we have had today in the wonderful Asfordby Hill Sensory Garden.  Holly class spent 40 minutes being mindful and exploring the wonderful nature withing the garden.  They discovered a range of insects, plants, scented flowers and found a variety of food plants growing in the garden.  Some children sat mindfully and listened to the sounds they could hear in the tranquility and peace.


Bollywood comes to Holly

What a wonderful term Holly class have had learning BOLLYWOOD dancing and immersing themselves in the Indian culture.  All the children have worked so hard as a class to co-ordinate and learn the tricky moves.  Here are some of the photos of the wonderful dancing they have been learning.




Magical Moments

On Friday afternoon Holly class enjoyed singing a million dreams from The Greatest Showman as part of their music lesson.   We were fortunate to have Anya a student from Loughborough High School playing the piano which the children really enjoyed.

Strider came to school

What a surprise we had when we got to school on Monday.  Strider was waiting for us! Some of us were lucky enough to have our photographs taken with him.  Later on, Strider’s friend Jim gave us lots more information about the Wow Travel Tracker scheme.

Holly class are ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’

To help raise money for the Red Nose Day appeal we all donated a ‘fine’ so that we could come to school in our own clothes rather than our school uniform. We either chose rainbow coloured clothes or came dressed in just one colour from the rainbow. We were very pleased with the amount of money our class raised. It was also a day for telling jokes. We had some really good ones.

Changing the shape of materials

We had a lot of fun trying to find as many different ways as we possibly could to change the shape of our piece of paper. We were amazed by the number we found between us. Here are just a few of them.

Wake Up, Shake Up!

Every morning children across the school are participating in high energy morning work out. This is enabling us to aim high by being focussed and energised.


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